Rewriting Body Image Stories

This exercise is going to help you get to the root of your body image stories so we can rewrite them. I recommend doing this before you listen to the meditation, and really sitting with what comes up. The point of this is not to blame, shame or judge yourself, but for you to get a grasp on the stories the mind has been playing and replacing them with ones that will actually serve you.

Grab your journal and a pen, and sit down to answer these questions. Breathe consciously for a few moments before you begin, setting the intention of you dropping into your body & connecting to your Truth. Imagine anything that separates you from your highest Self is taken away so you are able to get in touch with the stories you have set into motion.

Answer these questions in your journal. The last one is a journal prompt, so make sure you have 30+ minutes to spend with this exercise. Enjoy!

  1. What is the current story you tell about your body?
  2. When is the first time you can remember feeling this way about your body?
    -What triggered this feeling?
  3. When do you find yourself focusing on body image? What is normally going on when you shift your focus to your body?
  4. How do you feel when you begin to talk negatively to yourself about your body?
  5. How do you want to treat your body?
  6. Ideally, what would your relationship with your body look like? (I am not asking how would your ideal body look- but how you would FEEL in your body ideally.)
  7. When do you feel most confident in your body?
  8. What aspects of your physical body are you grateful for?
  9. What would you do that you are currently not doing if you felt good in your body?
  10. Visualize yourself feeling confident in your body. You love your body. You take care of your body. You are grateful for your body. You honor yourself, your needs, & your being. You radiate confidence, sexiness & self assurance. You feel like you are thriving & are happy to be alive, happy yo be in this body.
    *journal about:
    -this feeling
    -the things you would do if you felt this way
    -the story you would tell yourself if you felt this way
    -the beliefs you would have if you felt this way
    -the actionable steps you can start taking right now to feel this way

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