Showing Up In Love.

Aloha beautiful people, and happy June!

Welcome back to the membership website, and as always, thank you so much for being here. I am so excited to connect with you this month. May was beautiful, and I am so excited we are entering into the Summer season. Since we talked about body image last month- I thought it would be perfect to start June off with what I have been exploring the most recently; Letting Love Guide you..

Self Love, Self Compassion, Self Acceptance.. Being gentle, kind & compassionate with others.. We are going to look at “Love” and what it means to Love.

We are going to explore Love as a Mirror, Love as God/Goddess/Source, and Love as Spiritual Practice.

We are going to examine how we love, why we love, and what it really means to be a Woman in Love. We are going to speak on Loves role in the Divine Feminine archetype, how we can keep our hearts open, and knowing when to set boundaries.

What words come up for you when you think about love?

When I think about Love, I think of a few things:

  1. people
  2. a feeling
  3. nature
  4. God
  5. heart break

I find we all come to Earth to learn varying lessons, experience different things, and create in our own unique way.

This will reflect in the way we interact with Love, how we feel about Love, and what we believe about Love.

Do you believe you are worthy of Love?

What is your current role as a Lover? (in relation to a partner, child, friend, the Earth, God, etc.)

Do you let Love or Fear guide you?

We often allow ourselves to distance ourselves from our natural state of Love because we have been hurt and do not want to be hurt again.. or because we believe we are not worthy of receiving it, even if it is not a conscious belief.

Some times we shame ourselves out of Love. Our natural instinct will be to respond in Love, but instead we allow fear to creep in.. We abandoned are Intuitive impulse because we want to protect our hearts, or our egos.
We do not send the text, leave the comment, give the compliment, speak the Truth, share the vulnerable bits.. in fear of rejection or in consequence of past memories of embarrassment.

Do you let love lead you?

I want you to sit with this, think about it, and come back in the next few days for more content on this. <3


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