Feelings: When You Ask To Grow…

Welcome back to the Freeing the Wild Women Membership Site.. & Happy July!!! This month we are diving into our feelings..

We are going to look at & process the emotions that come up when we move through the path of Growth.

When we ask the Universe to grow, to help us level up– to step more into Self Love or Confidence or Abundance or Power…
We have to work through the;
self doubt and lack and uncertainty…
We have to feel it to heal it.
We have to work through it.

We have to learn to process & actually show up for ourselves during the hard times — to put the Self Love, Confidence, Abundance & Power to the test! You have to learn to embody it fully. And the only way to it is THROUGH IT.

This. Is. The. Work.
This is the lesson.
This is the challenge.
This is the magickal GROWTH.

This month you can expect; a tarot reading in regards to the energy of growth, a member only podcast on working through emotions, a guided meditation to help you accept yourself, a work sheet on Growth, and a step by step blog post on EMBODIMENT.

This month is for growing.

Thank you for being here <3


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