Being the Creatrix of Your Reality & Making Shit Happen | 1 Tear Anniversary Episode

Welcome back to the Freeing the Wild Women Podcast, and thank you for being here for our 1 year anniversary episode!
In this episode, Autumn does a solo chat, celebrating the podcast & speaking on her journey up to this point. Autumn shares on her Wild Woman vision & passion for bringing women together. She also speaks on how she has been able to create the life she lives! This episode touches on the duality of life, Woman empowerment, listening to your intuition & following your dreams! ⚡️ & there is a 528Htz (heart chakra) song bowl meditation at the end  autumn also announces her vision to do a summer tour, and hold Women’s Circles on the mainland. Find me on Instagram (@freeingthewildwomen) & let us know where in the USA you are located! Thank you for supporting this podcast, this vision, and unleashing your Wild Woman. 

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