Embracing Growth Tarot Reading

Aloha beautiful friends,

This month, as we are exploring the Emotions that arise with Growth and change, I wanted to pull from the Tarot for us. The Tarot is a beautiful tool to help us self reflect. It does not hold answers that we are not already aware of.. but gives us the ability to see what is already there.
Each card holds its own archetypal energy and its own set of lessons that we can learn from.

The spread I pulled today is a 3 card spread asking “How can we embrace Growth?”
with the 3 placements being:
what is happening, what were being asked to do, and how we can embody it.

What is happening?
The Magician: The Magician comes to us with all 4 elements, as the Master. The magician is capable, and he knows it. Why? Because he has been given the opportunity to step into embodiment through learning our lessons.
We are learning how to Master our current situation. The Growth that we are enduring right now is here to push us into our mastery. We are being tested. Do you reeeaaalllyy believe that? Are you actually going to show up? Are you practicing what you preach? We are being given the opportunity to integrate. To put what we have been learning to practice. to master this lesson, so we can grow flourish as the master of this lesson. This is a beautiful place to be, even though it is uncomfortable. Discomfort is our friend. It lets us know we are growing. It shows us where we can show up more fully. It gives us the opportunity to rise into our full Power.

What we are being asked to do:
Queen of Wands: The Queen of Wands is one of my personal favorite cards. The Queen of each element is the Embodiment of the essence of the element. Wands rule fire. The Magick. The combination of Power and Grace. Queen of Wands asks us to be Ourselves. To believe in ourselves. To be courageous in our pursuit of healing, Growth, freedom. She reminds us that we are capable of achieving everything we want, if we keep showing up for it. She asks you, simply put, to stand in your Powerful Goddess Energy!

How we can embody it:
Queen of Swords: The Queen of Swords is the Embodiment of Air and rules the Mind. She is clear, precise, knows her boundaries. She does not compromise, because she understands that she does not have to. She is asking us to have very clear discernment. To “do the math,” if you will. Look at things clearly, so we know how to move on. Sometimes the only thing we can do is choose ourselves. Even when we wanted to show up differently, or for things to look a certain way.. We have to sit back, let go Trust that by showing up Powerfully we are doing the best for all involved. This card wants us to stand firm in who we are in order to really embody the confidence magick that is our birth right in this life.

In summary:
This spread is asking us to step into our Magick. The lessons we are currently going through are there for us to Master. It is time to choose us. To be confident in who we are & our ability to create. DO you believe in your Magick? Your Power? Show yourself how capable you are.

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