Sexy September

Aloha Goddesses,

We are dedicating this month to honoring our SEXY SIDE!
September is going to be all about cultivating & expressing our beautiful, sensual, sassy nature.

There are so many pieces to being a woman.

We are not just one thing.

We are not just a mother or a sister, a lover or a friend..
We are all of it. We are fierce and fluid. Strong & soft. Givers & receivers.

There is a side to every woman that is loud.
She wants to be seen, heard & loved.

She wants to be worshiped. Kissed. Touched.

She finds power in being desired.

She brings life into this world. She cultivates creations. Births art.

She thrives when she feels Sexy, when she feels honored in every little nook of her being.

What does the word ‘sexy’ bring up in you?
How does it make you feel?
What imagery comes to your mind?

This month we are going to reclaim being sexy.
We are going to take back our Sacred Sexuality.

We are going to look at what it means to feel sexy, how to hone in on that energy, and what we can create from that place.

We cannot afford to not feel sexy, sister.

This energy is so powerful, so primal, & so charged!

When we deny this part of ourselves, we are cutting ourselves off from a big portion of our creative energy.
Sexual energy begins in the sacral chakra. By our wombs. This is where we store our wild creative energy, our connection to source all life.

Do you get “gut feelings?” a deep knowing that begins in the depths of your belly, nudging your forward or holding you back? Telling you “yes” through excitement, or “no” through anxiety?

This is sexual energy. This is our primal knowing. This is the sweet spot.
Our sexual energy can be a compass when pointed in the right direction. When we are harnessing in on this sacred energy using it to invoke our Gifts and Power.

This is going to be a really fun month!!! Get ready to explore your sexiest self! 🙂

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