8 weeks to Embodiment

My Heart & Soul lies with in 1 on 1 work.

I love connecting deeply and intimately with others.

I love holding space.

I love helping women see, honor and feel their Beauty & Gifts.

I love being a friend.

I love intimate relationships.

I know my purpose is to allow others to drop into their vulnerability.

I know my calling is to provide the access and space to inner permission and acceptance.

I love group work. I love getting women together & co-creating space..

But there is something about being 1 on 1 with someone that allows you to go deeeep.

Which is why I am releasing new offering.

8 Weeks Embodied.

This 8 week offering is for those feeling the call to feel, heal, and honor the Divinity.

The women ready to reclaim their Power, connect to their Truth, and rise into the Divine Beauty.

This is a space to be witnessed, accepted and honored.

I am so excited to hold this circle, allow you to be witnessed, and connect you to your Gifts, and the things that make you so specifically and beautifully YOU.

If you are feeling the pull, send me a message & lets connect.

I am so excited to meet you and be apart of your Self Love journey.


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