Your Sexual Energy: WORKSHEET

Hello beautiful people..

Welcome back to Sexy September.

This month we are dedicating ourselves to reclaiming, and probably rewriting the story we have around, our sexual nature.

This month is meant to “stir the pot” in terms of getting ourselves more in alignment with the power behind our Creative energy… We are here to focus our attention on the blessings and beauty in our Sexual energy..

And to POUR all of the fertile goodness into ourselves.

Today we are going to look at how you feel about your sexual energy, redefine what being “sexy” means, and look at how you show up as a Sexual being, how this affects you your work, your confidence, and more.

I want you to think about what being sexy means to you.

Journal about the word sexy. Everything you have tied to it.
I find a lot of women are intimidated by the Power in the word sexy.
Does this apply to you?

When you think of sexy women do you automatically think of porn-stars? Do you feel free or judgment?

Sexual energy is primal.
Tied to creation.
Tied to creativity, tied to womanhood.

I really believe Being and feeling sexy is synonymous with feeling alive, confident and empowered.
I do not know any women who do not feel their most radiant, impactful, loving and of service when they are not in a place of feeling sexy, and feeling sexy, completely for themselves.

But we definitely have to redefine we feel and work with this energy.

What is your old story around being sexy?

What is your new story?

Do you feel like “sexy” is a feeling that would serve you?
Do you feel open to this energy?
Deserving of it?

Do you consider yourself to be sexy? Do you feel sexy in your body?
DO you feel more sexy clothed or naked?
When do you feel the most sexy?

Journal on these questions. Spend some time inviting these concepts in and seeing what resonates with you. Being sexy is a Gift! Apart of being in-bodied. We are human and get to experience the physical manifestation of of creation… THAT IS SO DAMN SEXY!

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