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Hello beautiful people,

My name is Autumn Brianne Richardson. I am a trained psychic intuitive, certified health coach, self love enthusiast, and mindful living advocate.I am the Creatrix behind the “Freeing the Wild Women” Podcast, and this website where I have beautiful Member Based content that is absolutely my passion and focus right now.
I am the oldest of 5 kids, and have two absolutely amazing parents. I am extremely blessed in the way that I was brought up. With parents that support every single thing I ever wanted to do, who always told me I could do or be anything I want, and always set an example of graciousness and generosity. I have learned so much from them and their never ending patience. I would not be the mindful person I am today with out their limitless love.


I am 20 years old, a Sagittarius sun, Libra moon, and Pisces rising. My whole life up until this point has been completely led by intuition. From moving to New York to pursue a modeling career,  getting a certification in Psychic intuition & mediumship.. To my latest endeavor, moving to Maui Hawaii, I have always been carried.

Freedom and Trusting our Intuition is one of my most passionate teachings. Tapping into the core of our being, and trusting our path enough to be Wild is a message I feel called to share. My Podcast & this website are my ode to the Wild, Untamed, Goddess nature that is our birth right. Unleashing our Truths and allowing ourselves to shine. I want us to explore ourselves, our Soul, and this world with endless love, trust, acceptance, and curiosity. I want to expose the raw beauty that is natural to this life. Being a human is an adventure, and we have so much choice to live a powerful life.

I want to spread love.  I want to help others heal. And I want to be an example of freedom. My inner Goddess emerged.
Through my personal experiences, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to truly change the world is to love ourselves first. When you love who you are, you have so much more to give back. I am so grateful for everything I have been through, because it has brought me into a position where I can really share, and be a guide.
As I continue to evolve on my journey, I discover more of who I am, and what it is I am truly passionate about. When I look at my fellow Sisters of this Earth, I see a thirst for liberation. For the permission to express our inner Goddess, to nurture our feminine energy, and dive into the world of Truth (what ever that means for us.)

If I can inspire anything in you, I hope that it is Self Love. Owning ourselves, in every way- is our power. Being YOU, is enough. Unleashing your inner Goddess & being the creatrix of your own life. It is what the world needs. I am so passionate about this message. We will bring love and light into this world, and it will start with us. I love you so much.

Blessed be.

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  1. I know that your site is mainly focused at women, but do you welcome men? I find your YouTube videos inspirational and informative, and quite frankly, there is little psychic and intuitive material directed at men.Thank you.

    1. men are welcome but they are not my specialty. I work with women just because that is was resonates with me <3 Thank you for the support though! :)

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