Hi and Welcome, I am Autumn.

I am an Intuitive, Earth Magick practitioner, founder of Innate Beauty, a natural skin care and flower potions apothecary, host of the Freeing the Wild Women podcast and free birth advocate. I have helped thousands of women in the realm of self love, manifestation & self empowerment. I hold an online coven, Sorceress, group embodiment journeys, and guide women into their own Intuition. I am a certified psychic, trained in herbal medicine under the Chestnut School of Herbalism, a certified Shaktirize instructor, and have been studying body wisdom, re-wilding, manifestation and quantum magick for the past 8+ years. My work is empowering women to realize the absolute wisdom and power they hold in their own Authrity, so they can create the life of their dreams. I help re-connect women to their Intuition, magick, primordial radiance & of course, their Innate Power. I graduated valedictorian and chose to pursue an alternative educational path because I am devoted to the Re-Wilded Woman, to the Innate knowledge, Beauty & Magick that lives in the bones of all beings. I am dedicated to the path of Feminine Mysteries, the Goddess, and the power of Earth based, body based practice- and what we are capable of when we do deep subconscious healing and begin to LIVE in our Magick. I hold in person workshops, retreats and facilitate healing experiences as well as offer virtual programs, classes, and 1:1 work. I invite you to journey with me into your wild, intuitive, nature and let’s create a life that is full of presence, rich in beauty & abundant in every way.

I am so happy you are here, and very excited to journey with you.


What Women are Saying: