Energetic Clearing: Self Love Meditation Part 3

Part 3 of the Self Love mediation series is finally here... in the form of an energetic clearing! This meditation drops you in, and takes you deep into a clear/healing process. Using the tools I've developed from my psychic training, I tap into the energetic consciousness of the membership members to dive deep into subconscious…

Relax & Self Sooth: Restorative Bath

Self Soothing is such a powerful tool, and something I think we should all invest more time in developing. Having a routine that we can turn to when we are feeling down, uncomfortable, anxious, or just not ourselves.. It is a way to bring us back into our bodies, to calm us, and make us feel more at home in the present moment... This ritual is like the Alchemist completely transmuting feelings of stress and anxiety...

Redefine Yourself Worksheet

This worksheet is a questionnaire that is designed to pull you deep into your True Self. After answering these questions, and getting a better idea of who you are, we dive into the rewriting of your story. Creating the life you want to live, and unleashing your Wild Women.  

Self Worth Ritual

Finding and understanding your Self Worth. This takes lots of patience, love and practice. This takes tons of unlearning, redefining, and consistency. It must become a life style, a way to honor your self, as a Goddess, lover, and Wild Woman. Reconstructing ideals and un-constructing belief systems. Understanding who you are- on a new level. Maybe, the most basic one. Because when you

Letting Go of Expectations

Aloha beautiful people, happy August 1st!  I want to dedicate this month to letting go. Letting expectations fall away, and dropping into absolute Truth. This month you can expect a podcast on Self Expression, a "Self Worth" ritual, a worksheet on redefining Self and so much more. The goal of this month is to step into our Truest, most Goddess, version of who we are. And most of the time this starts with letting go of what other people want, think and expect of us....

Why Self Love?

MEMBER ONLY PODCAST!!! This podcast dives into why Self Love is so important. We talk about the fundamental pieces that allow you to fully integrate self love into your daily routine, and how this will impact every level of your existence. Enjoy! 🙂

Self Love Meditation Part 2 (17 minutes Affirmation & Healing)

Aloha,  Welcome to the 2nd meditation in the 3 part series. This one is for transmuting & reprogramming. This meditation acts upon the opened channels created in part 1, using this path way to create powerful change in your being. This affirmation filled meditation will rewrite the way you think, feel, and act towards yourself. Prepare yourself for deep integration, and enjoy this 18 minute meditation. (I recommend doing part one 2-3x before part two)