Divine Beauty Mastermind

Hello my Beautiful Sisters,


Divine Beauty is beauty in its true, natural and raw form.. Beauty that is connected to Truth, to Love, to the Divine.

We all have our own unique essence and way of showing up in this world.. We are all individually beautiful, smart, talented, creative, intelligent, etc. We all have Gifts, Beauty & Magick.. and we all have an unique way of living in & expressing these wonderful things about who we are.. Just like every flower in nature has its unique Beauty, Essence, Healing property, preferred environment, ideal amount of light.. we too have unique desires, essences, beauty, properties, etc..
We would never tell a daisy to be a sunflower, or a peony to be a rose.. We Love roses for their beauty, daisys for theirs, peonies for theirs, and sunflowers for theirs. There is no right, no wrong, no better or worse.

A woman in her Divine Beauty, OWNING her Power fully is immeasurably beautiful. Nothing in the world will ever capture that same beauty. It is rare, it is special, and quite honestly it is invaluable. Your Beauty is your Power. The Feminine Heart yearns to be KNOWN for her Beauty.. and it had NOTHING, dear sister, to do with how you look.. and EVERYTHING to do with how you feel about yourself.

The Divine Beauty Mastermind is a 3 month, intimate immersion into our unique Beauty & Essence through Earth Magick, Ritual, Dance, Embodiment, sisterhood, flower & herbal medicine, 1on1 support and wild woman PLEASURE!

We are working to see, live & KNOW life through eyes of Beauty.. to be ROOTED in our Feminine Pleasure, Intuition & Embodying the Truth of our Being… Allowing ourselves to be anchored in love, firm in acceptance, and devoted to our own needs and desires.

This is a space of Sensual Liberation and Wild Woman exploration..

no rules.

instead we are inviting in lots of moment, ritual, exploration and permission.
We will howl, dance, & DEVOTE ourselves to our Desires…

This 3 month container is centered around work with Earth Magick (elemental magick, ritaul, grounding & connection) as well as prioritizing our deep primal urges to be Seen. No more shame – instead, we are EMBRACING our Feminine Hearts.. You deserve to feel FREE, BEAUTIFUL & WILDLY HONEST IN YOUR BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT. This is Divine Beauty.

**You receive FREE access to the Sensual Self Love course when you join
Divine Beauty Mastermind***

In the Divine Beauty Mastermind we:

  • have weekly 1 on 1 calls (3 calls per month, 1 week to integrate)
  • biweekly group calls with the sisterhood
  • weekly dance videos, embodiment practices, mediation, rituals, connection practices, assignments, etc.

We begin in April (exact date to be determined!)

This space is open to 8 sisters ready to dive deep into their Wild Woman, Sensual Nature, and Divine Beauty.


I cannot wait to meet you, sister.. and be apart of your journey…

Talk so soon!


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