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Divine Beauty

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I am so deeply, fully, passionately- devoted to serving women in their Embodiment of their Magick. Women are rising, and we are ready. We are singing the ancient song liberation. Of Inner power. Of Possibility. Of Self Expression. She, the Goddess in us all, is yearning for us to know our connection to the Divine. For each of us tune into our Innate connection to Magick and run with utter pleasure of being a Woman.

Magick is a language unique to each and every one of us.
The Feminine is fluid.
She moves, she cycles.

The way you show up for journey, your healing, your RECLAMATION of Self, will cycle as well.

I help women see their True Beauty. Connect to themselves & their bodies. Feel at home in their Being.

I am a space holder, friend, and guide.

I provide healing space, practices and processes.

Divine Beauty offers 1:1 to help you create
acceptance, appreciation, and love for who you are and this existence at large . Helping you find the permission to be yourself, share your magick, and embrace the fullness of your expression… all while deepening your connection to Spirit and Divinity… and of course your Wildness.

A little passion, playfulness, and the desire to be confident is all you need to completely change the way you hold yourself.

Magick is not outside of you. I want to show you how nurturing, and fun taking care of your body, mind, and soul can be.

If you are a Woman who craves freedom, a sensual being who craves permission, a Soul searching for the magick they know exists.. This container is for you.

If you crave living by your Intuition and want to start taking back your life- this container is ideal for you, too. We work specifically on getting you to a place of Inner Trust.

It is your birth right to be safe, confident & joyous in your Earth body and proud of the person you are. To see and cultivate the Goddess & Magick with in you.

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We will:

  • discover & unlock connection to your intuition and guide you towards self empowerment.
  • dive into your emotional burdens, fears, and feelings that you are pushing away and need to accept, process, and release. (shadow work)
  • understand the divine feminine, the Mysteries of existence, get to know what that means for you, and how you can tap into that energy
  • embrace your inner Goddess, your sensuality, and all the feminine arts that naturally empower us.
  • appreciate your body, your beauty, and your ability to be magnetic and full of self love.
  • break old self destructive patterns & create new, nurturing, and liberating ones.
  • Journey in the realm of Alchemy, Earth-based Spiritualities & Magickal Modalities to unlock your ACTUAL MAGICK.
  • play through guided meditations, visualizations, and incorporate manifesting and intention setting into your practice.
  • work with crystals, herbs/flowers, oracle cards, and other magickal healing modalities that resonate with you.

What you will get:

  • * 3 private 1:1 calls a month

*Voxer/text support between sessions

*Tools, Rituals & Practices 

*Immersion into Quantum-Physics & Magick

*Weekly assignments to keep you accountable

*Guided Meditations to help you achieve your personal goals

* Free access to any courses/workshops I hold during the time we are working together


My plans:

3 Months to Divine Beauty– A 3 month plan to guide you through building new habits and reclaim your Innate connection to Magick. You will unleash your wildness & dive into your SOUL. Access new levels of Beauty, Abundance & of course.. Magick.

6 months to Embodied Magick- A 6 month immersion to create a completely embodied magickal life style. We will re-wire your brain to reflect your limitless nature. Your Wild Spirit will SHINE her beautiful light upon the world in all you do, as your Self Trust will guide you every step of the way. 

1 Time Magick- The one time sessions are ideal for anyone searching for immediate support. We make a game plan specific to you, so you can flourish in your Magick. We work on self talk, self liberation, and I give you process to use so you can put all the information into action.

Are you ready to embody your Magick?

Follow the link below to apply to work with me 🙂





“The kind of magic and power that Autumn exudes can only come from someone who is doing exactly what they are supposed to in this life. She is so good at this. I went into my session with Autumn with my mind made up about what I was going to say and how it was going to go, and I found myself completely unravelled – Autumn immediately pinpointed the root of my shadow; where my healing needs to take place. I felt so seen and validated and understood. I see a regular therapist who spent 11 years getting her PhD and I honestly feel like Autumn’s counselling was more effective. If you are on the fence about working with Autumn please take this as a sign to book a session! I will be working with her again for sure. This is a powerful goddess who is so rooted in her truth. I have so much respect for Autumn.” -Tilly H.


“Working with Autumn was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself during my
eating disorder recovery. Even though I was in a stable place when I began working with her, it
was important for me to have someone to talk to about all of the complex feelings and thoughts I
had surrounding my body image and self-worth. Her support and guidance were exactly what I
needed as I was moving into a new phase in my life. Additionally, her presence kept me
accountable. Soon after we began working together, old patterns began to emerge, and I came
close to fully relapsing. Autumn was stern when she told me that relapsing was not an option.
She got through to me before things progressed further. That experience encouraged me to ask
for help and support when I needed it and knowing that both she and my friends were there for
me made everything so much easier. Autumn is such an understanding and compassionate
individual, so I felt comfortable talking about childhood trauma and other deep-rooted issues.
She was patient with me, through and through, and I am incredibly grateful for that. Ultimately,
Autumn really understood me and my experience with disordered eating and that alone, made all
the difference as I worked through the healing process. Seeing her, a loving, beautiful, joyful
human who not only recovered from her own struggles, but is now thriving, made me realize that
I can do the same. That was actually a big part of our work together, not only working through
all of the difficult aspects of recovery but learning how to feel empowered, self-assured, and
excited about the future. My life has truly changed for the better and I am so thankful that
Autumn was able to guide me in my journey.”

“Working with Autumn is a truly transformative experience. Looking back, I can’t believe the progress I’ve made, how supported I’ve felt, how I’ve got to know myself on a deeper level in ways I didn’t know I could. None of this would have been possible without the coaching I received from Autumn. I would especially recommend working with Autumn if you’ve ever felt the urge to shrink (your body or your soul). The permission to just be myself in a space that was not clinical or sterile in any way was an incredibly healing experience. Coaching with Autumn has been, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and an overall invaluable experience.” -Niamh F.

“I first discovered Autumn through her youtube videos documenting her recovery from an eating disorder. At the time, I was completely isolating myself from everyone I loved, starving my body in order to be accepted in society, and searching for an answer to how my life had spiraled out of my own control.
At the start of 2018, my intuition called to me to sign up for her Self Love Course which created a safe space for woman who struggled with eating disorders and low self confidence to come together and share our stories to help heal one another. Autumn allowed for every woman to be heard without fear of rejection, and truly made me recognize the potential of self love. The community she created was truly magical, especially considering it was her first time ever holding a course.
When the course ended, the teachings she provided in just one month completely motivated me to not only beat my eating disorder fully, but conquer the internal demons that led to it. Autumn provided one on one coaching for me for three months. Through those months, she was there to encourage me to keep fighting for small victories such as eating extra dessert, and wearing less makeup, to really conquering life long fears such as childhood trauma and abuse.
Now that my coaching has ended, Autumn still takes the extra effort to check in on how Im doing not only as a teacher and a coach, but a loving friend. She is the only person after searching through therapists and medical professionals that took the time to understand and listen to me, allowing me to heal.
If you feel completely defeated after searching for help in all directions, Autumn is the one to reach for. She will let you in her own life and allow you to truly dive into yours. Autumn will show you how spontaneous and beautiful life can be not only after an eating disorder, but also when you love yourself and all that life has to offer.
-Rachael Ferro”

“I was inspired by Autumn through her YouTube channel. Seeing her recovery journey made me realize that I could recover too and that I could also come to love myself. When I found out that she offered coaching for self love and recovery, I felt attracted to her because I knew she had been through some of the same experiences as me. I felt like she could relate to how I was feeling.
When I contacted Autumn for help with eating disorder recovery and self love, I was truly suffering inside. I had an obsession with healthy eating and exercise. I was in this vicious cycle of restricting/extreme hunger/over exercising. I had no idea how to truly love or take care of myself. After going to a dietician, who made me feel even worse, I became afraid to seek help from my doctor. I felt like no one would ever understand me.  Now, thanks to her, I am much further in my journey to loving myself and I am no longer in that cycle of self harm and self hatred.  Speaking to Autumn each week and having her support by text message whenever I needed it has changed my life more than I can explain. Her knowledge and help has carried me through my darkest times and has taught me things about myself that will make a positive impact on me and the way I live forever. I eat what I want, whenever I want. I exercise when it feels good to me. I am truly recovering and I feel so free!
Autumn has helped me more than any doctor or dietician can. She has fought the same fight and has shared with me what worked for her to become free. There is no one else on the planet like her. She radiates positivity, happiness, strength, and good vibes. She is an amazing human being on the inside. You will not regret reaching out to her for help, I certainly don’t.”  -Carrie D.

“I will admit that I was somewhat apprehensive in signing up to talk to Autumn. I couldn’t help but wonder how she could help me. I am much older, two kids, married and I had to question her ability in being able to help me when we are in two very different stages in life. All I can say is I am beyond thankful I signed up to have her as my life coach. Autumn possess so much wisdom and insight. She is so supportive and so kind and so loving in all our calls. She seems to know exactly what to say to all my questions and doubt. I can’t say it enough–the depth of her wisdom and insight and compassion just astounds me. She has ministered so much to my soul and has helped me more than anyone I’ve ever spoken to (And that is a lot let me tell you) She cares. She deeply cares. And I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know she is just a text away. When I’m doubting myself, when my fears and anxieties are getting the best of me, I send her a quick text and she always answers back quickly and answers back with so much clarity and comfort. It has helped me immensely. I will always sing my praises for Autumn. She is a treasure and I’m honored to know her and have her on my side. She’s a blessing, a beautiful soul, and a wonderful human being. I love this dear girl and I’m so so so glad I found her and took a chance.” – Becky R.

“Autumn’s coaching was the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself. I was scared to do any type of therapy because I didn’t want them to say the wrong things to me. But I really think it’s impossible for Autumn not to support your goals, your dreams, and your healing. Her therapy is accessible for a poor college student like me. And the way she conducts herself and her therapy is just what I needed. Anytime that I’m sad, anytime that I have a negative emotion, anytime that I doubt myself or our plan, I can text autumn. Our calls are our time to catch up, to help me plan for the next week, to talk about what I’m struggling with. I could go on and on about how wonderful Autumn is and how great she is for my recovery. But I’ll just leave off with this, no matter where you are in recovery, it is a treasure to have support from Autumn. She is there for you when you have highs and lows and honestly cares about you and your healing. Don’t go through recovery alone, have an ally to help fight your eating disorder.” – Sarah


“I really appreciate having had the opportunity to speak with autumn. I was stuck in this mind set for years that I wasn’t worthy of change, that i must stick with my routine or life is just not worth living. Autumn really helped me learn to live…in just one month she taught me to love myself just the way i am, to learn how to manipulate my triggering thoughts into something good. Her positive personality is really addictive. She is such a lovely, caring person.” – Sam H.