Journey with Rose

Hello Beloved Sisters,

I have an Invitation for you 🌹

For the past year I have been living, breathing and journeying with my greatest teacher and mentor, Rose.

From planting my own roses, making my first ever flower essences, to drinking copious amounts of Rose tea, harvesting wild Rose hips in New Mexico, taking rose baths, working with rose essential oil, and meditating with her Spirit.. Rose has initiated ME this past year.

Her Spirit helped me keep my Heart open.
Her Spirit allowed me to see my own Beauty.
Her Spirit encouraged me to develop my own Thorns.
Her Spirit asked me to bloom, to be in my fullness.
To open with Grace.
To feel fully, unashamed.
Her Spirit asked me to nourish and nurture myself in ways I have not done before.

Her Spirit allowed me to commune deeper with myself.

I have been sitting with all of the Truths and Questions Rose medicine has brought into my life.
Reflecting on her potency & the fame that has been seeded into her image.
Ultimately, feeling into the deep medicine that lies with in her presence and Soul.

My deep journey with the Spirit of Rose has inspired me to share and hold the space for more of this intimite commuining & connection.

To encourage Women to reeaaallly develop a connection to, and relationship with the Spirit of Rose.

Thus Journey with Rose was born!

Sign Up to Journey with Rose HERE!
Sign Up to Journey with Rose HERE!

2020 was the craziest year of deep dark soul nights and thorny Hearts. We’ve all felt it. We’ve been nervous, uncertain, confused, angry, scared even? I want to dive into 2021 with Rose, medicine that will encourage our softness, deep Truths and re-membrane of our Feminine Power! That we can Trust ourselves & our Intuition beyond all of the chaos in the outside world.

To be able to indulge in our Sensual Nature to feel FREE and WORTHY of immense joy, unconditional Love and Existing on Earth– Thorns and all 🙂

Apply HERE is you want to talk with me about Journey with Rose:

The container we are creating for our Rose Journey will be very interactive & inspired.
We will be exploring Rose for ourselves, while sharing and exploring ideas together as a powerful sisterhood!

Each meeting will be hold on Fridays at 6pm MST through Zoom.
We will be sharing, creating & reflecting together between sessions in our private Facebook group.

There will be a 4 week course lay out you will follow that is loaded with practices to help you open to Rose (think meditations, journaling, embodied movement, deep listening, recipe creation, and more!)

You will also have ideas & instructions on how to use the products I will send you. We will work directly with the Spirit of Rose in our Essences, with her scent in perfuming, and her taste, texture & beauty with the raw herb!

This will be a very in-bodied, sensual and tangible experience.

Sign Up to Journey with Rose HERE!

I cannot wait to journey and explore Rose with you! 🙂