Online Coven: Elemental Magick 1/10/22

Welcome beloved witches!

THIS is your invitation into real life magick.

To harness your Power, unleash your Fullness and ACTUALLY tap into your Innate Magick.

This virtual coven is something I have been hosting for the past 3.5 years! My intention with this magickal portal is to:
– Ignite your Wild Woman
– Initiate you into the realm of Earth Magick
– Encourage your Connection to your own Intuition
-Hold space for us to manifest everything we desire.. Money, Lovers, Confidence, etc. etc. etc.
– Open the door way into magickal arts (Earth/Water magick, reading tea leaves, making potions, green/kitchen witching, herbalism, & MORE!)

Each round has a different theme and lasts for 4 weeks.

We meet on the same day/ at the same time each week.

A KEY to this container is a Magickal sisterhood that is rooted in CONSISTENCY.

If you invest in the coven, it is your privilege/responsibility to show up for the Magick… for you & your sisters.

I PROMISE YOU… this coven will radically change your life.

We have had women in our group manifest & create..

  • healthy conception + full term pregnancy & birth after trying for years
  • money to go on trips/make big life moves
  • life partners/lovers
  • deep levels of self love & confidence
  • starting their own successful businesses, podcasts & more

This next round begins January 10, 2022!!!

Element Magick