Making Life Your Ritual With Chloe From The Mojo Mecca

Today's Episode is a beautiful, deep, heart felt conversation with the beautiful Chloe from The Mojo Mecca. Chloe is a Poet, a Photographer, Podcaster and an absolutely Wild, Mystic, Woman. She shares about her journey, her experience with body image, and her passion for Living and making Life Sacred.  Her business, The Mojo Mecca, is…

Self Love Healing Meditation (25 minutes)

This meditation is part 1 to a 3 part meditation series we will do this month, on Self Love & Self Acceptance. Part one is for healing, aligning, opening & creating space. Part two will be full of affirmation for reprogramming, creating, transmuting & integrating. I recommended doing part one 2 or 3x before doing part two- just so we can really open up & begin the healing process before we go in with intentions of reprogramming. This mediation primes, stokes, & prepares your inner Self Love Goddess to emerge. Part 3 is an energetic clearing....

Set Yourself Free & Trust Your Path with Earth Mama Medicine

Today's episode is an interview with Veladya from Earth Mama Medicine. Veladya is a Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Guide, YouTuber, and a totally untamed Wild Woman. We discuss her journey to Van Life, her experience with plant medicines, and how she has created a sense of Trust & Freedom in he life... This episode has potent…

Sensual Self Care Ritual

What does the word Sensual mean? This ritual explores Sacred Sensuality in simple acts of self care. There are many reasons for a Woman to tap into her sensual nature, which we explore in this post. We dive into unleashing & unlocking our inner power, letting go of shame- and stepping into the natural spirituality that flows within the Feminine Energy. This ritual will take you to a place of bliss & pleasure- unleashing your inner Wild, Sacred, and Sensual Self.

Relieve Anxiety & Stress Meditation (20 minutes)

This guided meditation brings you into the present moment, and away from the stress or anxiety you may be feeling. By taking you out of your head, and into your body- this mediation allows you to relax & come to a peaceful state. Dive into your Self, and allow this healing mediation to serve you.  This healing practice will take you to a peaceful place & allow you to transcend emotions, thoughts & patterns that do not serve you.

How I Manifested Moving To Maui!

This podcast I go into detail about my move to Maui.. How it unfolded in DETAIL. I talk about how I manifested Maui into my life, with very little money. I know many people are concerned about that aspect- but there IS a way to make it happen. This podcast dives into the challenges, and the ease that I felt through out the process. I hope this gives you insight, and helps you in your own manifestation process.