As a Trained Psychic & Intuitive Reader, I have opened up a strong channel between me and the Spirit world. Or, as I really like to think about it- a straight connection & access point to the Divine.
The messages I receive during a reading always come from the Soul or Guides of the client I am working with. I am not creating the messages, but simply becoming a channel to receive messages from the Greater Knowing in us all.
Anyone can tap into their intuitive & psychic abilities. I have chosen to walk this path, open myself up, and offer my Service to the world.
These sessions can involve Soul Readings, Intuitive Readings, Healing & belief clearings, and/or Spirit Guide consults. Each session is completely unique to the wants, needs & desires of the individual & the messages that come through as a result.

If you are not ready to dive into an esoteric form of communication but are still looking for guidance- cards are a beautiful way of communicating with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, and The Divine. Tarot & Oracle cards speak truth and show you what you need to see. They help you understand what is going on in the present moment.
You can ask the Tarot/Oracle for guidance and/or for answers.  Your personal reading will help you gain clarity on your current situation and help you in future endeavors.

Please fill out the form below to receive more information including the offer of appreciation I accept. I look forward to reading with you!

Lots of Love & Blessing,



“Receiving from Autumn is a treat! Her ability to channel and navigate energy allows her to connect intimately with her clients. She is a truly timeless gift. As an empath she has a great capacity to sense and perceive the otherwise imperceivable. My soul reading had me in tears. I felt the sense of relief I had been looking for hearing her transmit messages from my soul source. I know I can always trust myself in Autumn’s hands. I am so grateful for Autumn and would highly recommend her to a family member or a friend.” -Hallina B.

“Thank you soooooo much!!Oh my god, this is unbelievable amazing…The first time I read it (the tarot reading), I was so touched that tears came to my eyes! I never mentioned it to you, but a lot of time (especially when I was hospitalized in a ed clinic for few months) the psychologists tried to made me do the “trust fall” exercise, but I never, never managed to do it…so, when I read the words you wrote on the reading “Fall back on yourself, you are there to catch you”, tears just started to flow, and I felt somehow relieved . You’re amazing dear, really, I really think you have an incredible talent an power, it seems like you are able not just to feel, but even to get in touch with the deepest part of others’ souls.❤

–  chiara pantaleo

I had never gotten a serious tarot reading before contacting Autumn after watching her Youtube videos, and I am so glad my first experience was with her. Though skeptical if the process would be effective through Skype, I can say wholeheartedly that she spoke deeply to me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time, and her advice will carry on with me.”
– Maren A.