Sacred Self Care – A Way of Life

Aloha beautiful,
Welcome to July on the platform <3 ūüôā
I am so happy you are here with me.

We are devoting the month of July to Sacred Self Care!

Everything I share this month will be completely revolving around taking care of ourselves on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. You can expect my face scrub recipe, a bath tub ritual, a guided meditation on stress & anxiety, a podcast on manifesting something you really want, my fave treat recipe, an energetic clearing, and so so much more..
Before we dive into to all of the “how-to’s” I want to discuss what Sacred Self Care truly is.

Sacred Self Care

Self care is a daily thing. A priority.. A way of life. It requires devoting time, love, and honor to yourself. Not because you have done anything “special” or out of the ordinary to earn it.. But simply because it is a practice of Love, a sacred ritual you are committing to yourself. Devoting time to sacred self care is so beneficial. It will impact your life on all levels. You will have more tolerance, you will be lighter, you will have so much more energy, you days will be funner, your quality of life will improve, your creativity will erupt.. and on days you are not feeling so hot (we all have them, we are humans..) you will have tools to self sooth & truly help yourself. We learn to “keep on keeping on” and work/grind through our Winter-y months.. When in reality, we really need time to rest, restore, and be introverted.
Sacred Self Care requires the knowledge to know what you need in each moment. Self Awareness, honoring each emotion and feeling.. Knowing when you need to say “no.” Understanding when you need to rest, when you need to go for a walk… Basically what you intuition is asking for.

Developing a self care ritual is a beautiful and necessary first step.
We are going to take an evaluation. Grab a piece of paper & a pen.
Answer these questions.

  • What are some of your favorite ways to spend your time? At least 3.
    (Example: swimming, being creative, exploring new places, being in nature, etc)
  • What are some healing modalities or practices you find yourself interested in or called to? At least 3.
    (Ex. yoga, massage, aroma therapy, witch craft, astrology, etc)
  • When do you feel the happiest in day to day life?¬†
    (Ex. when I’m helping others, learning something new, adventuring, etc.)
  • What do you like to do to relax? At least 3
    (Ex. meditate, move my body, watch netflix, take a bath, etc)
  • How happy are you with your day-to-day life?
    (over all.. & why?)
  • What do you find yourself thinking about or contemplating the most in your everyday life?
    (Ex. money, things you want, creative ideas, nature)
  • What excites you to talk about?
    (Ex. personal growth, books, witchy things, travel, crystals, etc)
  • How would you take care of yourself if money wasnt an object?
    (Ex. massages, chiropractor, reki, crystal healing, working with a coach, etc)
  • How would you spend your time if money was not an object?

Ok. After you have answered these questions, spend some time looking for patterns. What things do you find yourself the most drawn to?

Your self care ritual should incorporate these things. You should be doing the things you like to do, in some way-shape-form-or fashion. Starting with the things that make you happy- picking one you want to prioritize daily and one bigger one to prioritize monthly. So meditation would be something you could do every day, even just for 5 minutes to help your ground and center. Or maybe even being in nature everyday.
Something like taking a bath or starting a creative project could be a weekly self care act. And then getting a massage or talking to a psychic could be a monthly act of self love.
Its about investing in yourself on all levels.

We will work on getting clear on the ways you would like to take care of yourself trough trading money (energy) for a service (like massage, crystal healing or coaching, etc.) Trying things that excite you & make you feel good! Begin manifesting these things into your life, simply by putting the intention out there. *more info on manifesting coming this month**

Begin expanding & devoting more time to the things that are already making you happy in your day-to-day life. Refine them, make them even funner. Bring sacred-ness to each moment by light candles, putting on your favorite music, taking deep breaths, etc.

Get solid on a morning & night time ritual. Dance at least 1x a day to raise your vibration. Sprinkle in some of the things that excite you in the morning, and some that relax your in the evening. Devote to these practices! *more info on morning & night routines soon**

Begin focusing on feeling good everyday. What can you pull from the “How would you spend your time if money was not an object?”¬†question, and place it in your daily life? Explore this. Allow your self to feel a little better, and a little more better each day.

Self Care is about raising your vibration- allowing yourself to embrace you emotions, while striving for higher vibes & more conscious love, more consciously just feeling good.

Committing to Sacred Self Care might look like setting a timer for 15 minutes and devoting it to a project or to dancing in a way that feels good. Maybe it is getting out a piece of paper and journaling your emotions. It could be doing an “intuition Meditation”¬†and asking yourself exactly what you need & honoring that. It is also saying “no” to things you do not want to do, and saying “yes” to the things you do want to do. Taking a nap when you need one is Self Care. Going on a solo date is Self Care.

Sacred Self Care is a life style.
Take this information & marinate in the “yes-es” that pop up for you.
Allow this to inspire a new way of life.
So much more to come.


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